DIRECTORY to Further Study on Creation/Evolution Issues.


For those who are prepared to look there is lots of evidence against the logic of Neo-Darwinian evolution and at the same time supporting the Biblical account of creation.  Here is just an introduction to get you started on this line of thinking.  Just click on the numeral preceding the avenue you want to look at.  Happy studying.


01.       A link to Dr John AshtonÕs book: In Six Days: Why 50 Scientists choose to believe in Creation.


02.       A link to download Dr John AshtonÕs second book: The God Factor: 50 scientists and academics

            explain why they believe in God.


03.       If you are not a science-oriented person or do not read English very well, then this site could be a help

            to you or a family member.


04.       Want to learn more about a particular topic or question then this site has a wide choice of useful study-



05.       Published articles from the Creation Ministries International that help understand a wide range of

            science-based topics.  


06.       Molecular Physics from a Creationist perspective through the Eyes of Dr John Hartnett. BIG DOUBTS

            ABOUT THE BIG BANG.


07.       The Australian Science Quest 4 text book is where Australian Yr 10 science students are presented with

            the evidence for evolution.  Want to see how un-scientific it is.


08.       So where does all this lead?